Table Runner - Purple Basil + Indigo/Logwood Shibori

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PURPLE BASIL: Also known as red basil or red rubin, this basil is a cultivar of sweet basil, and it smells just as fantastic when it's in the dye pot! These are great companion plants for tomatoes, which I don't grow for dye, but love to eat. The silvery sage green has subtle purplish undertones.

INDIGO: I grow Japanese indigo and supplement with indigo that is sustainably sourced.

LOGWOOD comes from the heartwood of the logwood tree (Haematoxylon campechianum) and grows in Mexico, Central and South America and parts of Africa and India. It produces purples, reds, blues, and blacks, which are hard to achieve with natural dyes. In this piece, it is the base color under the indigo stripe down the middle.

This one-of-a-kind naturally-dyed table runner is perfect for any time of year. The indigo stripe down the middle is a separate piece of wool that is sewn to the base green piece. It measures 12" x  66".