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Natural Dye Exhaust Cocktail

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This piece was dyed using a mixture of exhaust bath dyes.

COCHINEAL is a small insect that lives on prickly pear, and produces everything from pink to crimson, to purple to magenta. It is one of the oldest colorfast red dyes out there and has been used by native populations in the Americas for over a thousand years. I use sustainably sourced cochineal purchased from Maiwa.

COSMOS SULPHUREUS: I plant, grow, and harvest this beautiful orange flower in my dye garden using organic practices. The flower produces everything from light sherbet orange to bright and vibrant orange.

WELD: Reseda luteola, commonly known as weld, has been used by natural dyers for centuries and is known as the most color fast of all the yellows. Starting from seed, I organically grew and harvested the weld used to dye this spectacular yellow.


Price is for one fat quarter yard.

Fat quarter - approximately 16" x 26"-28"

All wool shrinks differently. Felting occurs naturally during the dyeing process, giving the wool a lovely soft hand.

I use only natural dyes that have a proven track record for being color fast. Like all fabric that has been dyed, however, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause fading (think of those south-facing display windows we see with faded clothing).

All my wool listings are small batch. Please purchase what you need for your project because color matching will be impossible!

I hope you enjoy creating with these naturally dyed wools as much as I love creating them!

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