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Onion Skin + Walnut

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ONION SKIN: I collect my onion skins from the local co-op (much of it locally grown!) and friends and family who drop of their collected skins when they fill a bag. The skins provide enough tannin to create a colorfast dye and produce a range of colors from greens to yellows & reds, depending on whether you use yellow or red skins and what mordant you use. It serves at the base here before over-dyeing with walnut.

WALNUT: I have the great fortune to have a walnut tree in my backyard. The old tree gives up plenty of walnuts every fall to use in the dye studio. Walnut provides various browns from tan or khaki to dark chocolate and even black if iron is added.


NOTE: This listing is for a fat quarter. I have a fat yard piece (2 yard piece of wool that was cut in half along the selvedge edge). Smaller pieces can be cut from the yard into the sizes below.

Fat quarter - approximately 16" x 26"-28"

Fat half -       approximately 32" x 26"-28"

1 yard - approximately 32 x 52"-56"

All wool shrinks differently. Felting occurs naturally during the dyeing process, giving the wool a lovely soft hand.

I use only natural dyes that have a proven track record for being color fast. Like all fabric that has been dyed, however, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause fading (think of those south-facing display windows we see with faded clothing).

All my wool listings are small batch. Please purchase what you need for your project because color matching will be impossible!

I hope you enjoy creating with these naturally dyed wools as much as I love creating them!