Special Orders

Commemorating life and its moments, both big and small.

  • Have you lost a loved one?
  • Is your child going off to college? Getting married? Starting a new job?
  • Are you or a family member about to have a child?
  • Is a family member getting married?
  • Are you selling a house? Downsizing?
  • Is someone you know changing careers? Retiring?
  • Is there an anniversary or milestone of some kind coming up in your life?

Give your keepsakes new life by turning things like clothes, blankets, and uniforms into one-of-a-kind, custom works of art.

​We can create coasters, trivets, table mats, rugs, hats, hangable art, and much more. We can also extract color from a meaningful place to dye new or upcycled/repurposed fabric.

Email me at jean@jeanhaleydesign.com to share your story and learn more!

The Story of Aunt Shirley

Aunt Shirley LOVED color... and martinis. ​

Her clothes were always bright and happy. To honor her big personality, this martini mat was hooked with the wool from a pair of red plaid pants that only she could pull off. ​She loved martinis so much that she was even buried with one on top of her casket.

 A hidden "S" and a heart are hooked into the background.




Dan's Pants All Over Europe

Dan wore those old wool army pants on just about every camping, hiking, biking, and canoeing trip for over a decade. When he could no longer use the pants, he presented them to me, thinking I could use them in my art. ​

As he placed the neatly folded pants in my hands, he said (with great emotion), “These pants have been all over Europe!” So, I made a mat of Dan’s pants all over Europe. The bicycle wheel and spokes represent the fact that all his trips in Europe were cycling trips.




Mom's Worms

Worms or noodles are leftover strips of wool from hooking project! The table runner includes wool worms from almost every one of my Mom's hooking projects⁠--easily identifiable to those of us who know her finished hookings.