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From Plant to Dye Pot Course Supply Kit

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Look for a list of these same supplies from Maiwa in the course hub. You can download a PDF with clickable links to each of the products. Note that the prices are in Canadian dollars.

Please note: All kits will be mailed on Saturday, June 10th.

This kit was put together specifically for From Plant to Dye Pot: A Natural Dye Course for Rug Hookers & Wool Crafters. It contains all the necessary dyes and assists, along with the wool you'll use during the class. The price includes a 10% discount and FREE shipping*.

Please note that additional supplies are needed. Link at the bottom of description for the complete supply list!

Each kit contains the following:

Kit Supply


Mordants & Assists

Alum (potassium aluminum sulfate)

100 grams

Iron Sulfate

5 grams

Soda Ash

100 grams

Citric Acid

100 grams


Wool Fabric

1.5 yards

Wool Yarn

1 skein


Madder root (Rubia cordifolia) ground

100 grams

Cochineal (whole bugs – NOT extract)

30 grams

Lac extract

30 grams

Weld (Reseda luteola) ground

100 grams

Myrobalan ground

50 grams

Cutch extract

50 grams

Indigo Kit



Please consult the course supplies list for additional items you will need:

Click Here to Access Supply List

*If you are charged for shipping (I'm still figuring out this online shop!), I will refund your shipping costs right away. My apologies!